Fad Diets vs. a Healthy Lifestyle

As the radio blares, your ears immediately perk up at the sound of “you can lose up to 40 pounds in just two weeks and still eat what you want.” 

By now, most of us have become aware that there’s a big different between a fad diet and healthy weight loss, but sometimes the sales pitches are too good to be true. So, what exactly should you be on the lookout for when determining the difference?

The Terms Fast and Rapid Should Never Describe Weight Loss

scale with a measuring tape around it

In reality, this all depends on what you think is considered fast. Some may think that a few months and a few pounds is lightning fast, while others may think that this is slow. The truth is, any diets that tout rapid weight loss are typically pushing loss of water weight and muscle mass, and not fat. This can cause severe nutrient deficiencies, and cause you to gain the weight back almost immediately after the diet ends. 

Look for diets that push for losing one to two pounds per week in a healthy manner rather than those that “crash” and help you to lose 10 pounds in week. Your body will thank you!

Do NOT Skip Meals

If a diet tells you to skip meals, don’t listen. Your body lets you know when it is hungry, and if you push it past the brink of starvation, you’re doing no good. Sure, you might see the scale say a different number, but the lack of nutrients will cause your body to suffer substantially in the long run. 

Look for a diet that offers you suggestions on how to create meals that are nutritious and spread throughout the day. Eating consistently will not only help your metabolism, but make sure that you are receiving all of the vitamins and nutrients you need. 

“You Can Eat Whatever You Want” Isn’t True

If you eat McDonald’s three times a day, you’re not going to lose weight. And if you do, it’s probably not going to be healthy. Some diets will advocate for very high cardio workouts alongside high fat or high sugar intake, which, in theory, doesn’t really make sense. You’re putting too much stress on your body in both areas. 

Instead, look for a diet that combines healthy eating with a standard exercise plan. In doing both, your body will fully understand how to spend its calories, resulting in healthy weight loss!

You Will Still Have to Exercise

Simply put, this means you will have to restrict your calories to the absolute extreme, which is not healthy.

Exercise means that you’ll burn calories, and burning calories means you’ll lose weight. Being active is something that you need to do regardless of a diet, so think of it as a double benefit!

Of course, there are dozens more things that you should look out for when picking a diet. The easiest method is to follow up with South Florida Center For Weight Loss Balloons before picking one. You want to make sure that you’re not just looking out for the short term, but also helping your body stay healthy for longer!

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