The Worst Fad Diets of 2019 Declared

So little time and too many fad diets! They come in and go right back out of fashion in a New York minute. Too many to count and none of them healthy, though there are still some rational alternatives.

Atkins Diet

This “been around forever” low carb diet is still sucking people in with its promises of fast weight loss. Alas, there are those who still believe low carb is healthy. It is far from that and your heart will suffer. You can’t sustain this kind of diet in the long term, so just skip it.

The Carnivore Diet

Sounds “manly,” but consuming mostly meat with some eggs and cheese is neither healthy nor sustainable. Eating foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol, and not eating fruits and vegetables is surely less than optimal. Don’t do it!

Keto Diet

This may come as a surprise to many who swear by this diet, but it is a fad. Yes, it may help you lose weight quickly, but it becomes hard to stay with it, the calling card of a fad diet. This high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet will pile on the weight right after you stop. Although we have been told it is good for those with type 2 diabetes, helps to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and some cancers, it really just restricts cancer fighting foods like whole grains and legumes. We need more independent studies to declare this as anything but a fad.

Whole30 Diet

Fad Diets Don't Work

Sure it sounds good to eliminate all processed and packaged foods. This seems to be very healthy at a glance, but there’s lots of healthy foods you can’t eat, like dairy and grains. The skinny on this diet is that it’s hard to stick with, plus it can lead to binging on forbidden foods.  Thus, the weight returns.

And More…

Let’s not forget the Cabbage Soup Diet, the Blood Type Diet, the Paleo Vegan Diet and the Lemon and Maple Syrup Diet. Yes, actually, let’s forget all of them and scratch them off the list of viable alternatives.

What’s an Overweight Person to Do?

Diets can help in the short term, but if you want to take off the pounds and keep them off, you need a plan for life. Nothing is sustainable if you don’t eat healthy all the time, eat and drink in moderation all the time, and feel good about yourself all the time.

South Florida Center For Weight Loss Balloons can provide healthy alternatives no matter how many diets you have tried over the years. Obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure all combine to interfere with a healthy and happy life. Implementing these elements with a comprehensive treatment plan, you can choose from surgical options and non-invasive procedures to give you the long term weight loss solutions you dream of. 

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