5 Ways to Stick to a Weight Loss Plan at Work

Workaholics unite! You know who you are and what challenges you face when it comes to losing weight.

You can only resist so many homemade cookies, and it’s always somebody’s birthday, right? Your very best intentions can go astray, but we are here to help with 5 ways to stick to a weight loss plan at work.

Remember What Mom Always Said

You know, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” True then and true now. Eat as soon as you wake up to activate your metabolism. A healthy breakfast will keep you going longer and make you less hungry later in the day.

Don’t just grab anything and call it breakfast. Whole grains like oatmeal with fresh fruit is a great choice. The protein in eggs can keep your energy revved up. Yogurt with nuts and fruit or whole grain cereal are all great choices.

Have An Organized Game Plan and Set Up Your Defenses

Challenge yourself to only shop around the edges of the grocery store. Pick up fresh veggies and fruit, lean protein, and don’t even look at the snack aisles.

Once you have purchased all your healthy eats for the week, make and bring your own lunch every day. You already had breakfast at home so you can pass up the bagel and pastry tray to help you stick to a weight loss plan at work..

Be really clever and double up dinner recipes so you can save some for a lunch entree another day. You could freeze some for a second helping next week. You are totally organized at work so do the same to help you stick to a weight loss plan at work.

Two women showing weight loss

You Can Still Snack

Yes, you heard right. First clean out your desk of all those bags of candy and chips. No cheating. Now replace them with whole grain crackers and peanut butter. Have snack bags of nuts, tins of tuna, fresh fruit, plain popcorn and green teas.

There will still be times of stress or boredom when you will want to reach for a snack. Just have more healthy snacks on hand for those moments of weakness.

Give all those carbonated drinks a rest and drink lots of water.

Do More Than Just Lunch

Your number one rule should be do not eat at your desk. Don’t fall into the trap of, “I’ll get more done if I just eat and work at the same time.” You can actually be more productive if you move away from your desk to eat. Go outside if possible, but get away. Walk around the office, up and down the stairs, around the parking lot, or down the street.

The point is to move, and keep moving until you need to be back at your desk. Use this time to get in some simple exercise.  Do more than just lunch with your lunch time.

Buddy Up

Find someone at work who also wants to drop some pounds. Having this support system can keep you on track. Have lunch together and find activities to use the extra time. Help each other work through weak moments or dealing with after work parties. No one else has to know you are working together to improve your health. They will notice later.

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