Stop Counting Calories and Try These 6 Proven Strategies

Eating fewer calories and exercising has always been the conventional expert advice for losing weight.  But what if we told you that so-called conventional wisdom might be a bunch of malarkey?

Counting calories is not the way, and “on a diet” should be banished from your vocabulary. In fact, unconventional ways sometimes work better! If you are skeptical, stop counting calories and try these 6 proven strategies. 

woman on scale with reflection in the mirror

Get Off the “Diet” Train

Let’s begin by stating that dieting is not really effective. More than 30 studies show that two-thirds of those who diet regain more weight than they originally lost.

If you try to eat less than your body needs, your metabolism slows down and begins to cause all sorts of unwanted cravings. Muscle mass also deteriorates, causing your metabolism to slow even more, and consequently leads you to burn less calories. With each new diet, your body and brain can accelerate this process, which will only make it even harder to lose weight.

In addition, when you feel restricted from eating certain foods, your body and psyche can rebel and cause you to overeat. You become easy prey to those mouthwatering TV food commercials and what might be lurking in your kitchen or in the grocery store. 

Get to Know Your True Hunger Cues 

Recognize when you are hungry and don’t deprive yourself or skip a meal. Stop counting calories, and just eat. When you are eating a meal, pause halfway through, and see if you feel full. If so, stop eating then and get up from the table.

Eat What Satisfies You

Have you ever eaten a meal, but not felt satisfied? The solution is to always include those foods that satisfy you. A big salad at lunch might fill you up, but a hot entree might be what satisfies you. Don’t give yourself an excuse to binge later.

Instead, give yourself permission to eat what you want by making all foods part of your normal habits. When you get over the guilt and accept you can eat any food, the cravings and overeating will decrease.

Banish the Food Police

You know who they are. They include what the conventional experts have told you, and those guilty little thoughts in you head. Certain foods like dessert are not necessarily bad, so stop punishing yourself for enjoying a well-deserved treat now and again.

Eat More Protein

Protein increases fat burning and helps reduce hunger. It boosts your metabolism because the body expends more calories when digesting protein versus fat or carbs. Protein also helps increase muscle mass. Eat eggs, fish, and meat to gain the filling protein you need in a day instead of counting calories.

Better Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the greatest risk factors for obesity. It can increase both hunger and cravings. Stress is a common outcome from lack of sleep, and the stress hormone cortisol only helps to increase belly fat. 

Stop counting calories and do whatever you can to reduce stress in your life and improve your sleep. Speak with South Florida Center for Weight Loss Balloons if this is an issue for you.

Ditch the painstaking calorie counting, eat unhealthy favorite foods only in moderation, and get in touch with what your body tells you. It is a much smarter plan than the advice of conventional weight loss experts. 

Contact South Florida Center for Weight Loss Balloons for help with portion control or other unconventional ways to stop counting calories.