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About South Florida Center For Weight Loss Balloons

South Florida Center for Weight Loss Balloons is a private medical practice that has been successfully providing medical services to patients since 1984. Located in Hollywood, Florida, directly across from Memorial Regional Hospital with close access to I-95, we are the only father-son gastroenterology group in South Florida.

Our Physicians

Board-certified in both internal medicine and gastroenterology, Mark Lamet MD and Ari Lamet DO are trained to diagnose and treat diseases of the colon, esophagus, gall bladder, pancreas, rectum, stomach, small intestine, bile ducts, and liver. Additionally, our practice has been performing balloon weight-loss procedures for more than 28 years and we are specially trained to perform the ORBERA® managed weight-loss system procedure, an FDA-approved, intragastric, non-surgical, non-invasive procedure to promote weight loss.

Mark Lamet, M.D.

Ari Lamet, D.O.

An Effective FDA-Approved
Weight-Loss Procedure

We believe in the effectiveness of this weight-loss procedure for patients who meet the qualifications. We have personally seen the physical benefits of the ORBERA® managed weight loss system. Our patients who follow the protocol after the procedure lose an average of 10 pounds a month for six months. The ongoing sessions with the nutritionist, for an additional six months after the procedure, promote additional weight loss.

Our patients who have the procedure and successfully follow the nutrition and exercise guidelines enjoy a better quality of life and better physical and emotional health. They share the physical benefits of losing weight: reduced back and joint pain, better-controlled diabetes and blood pressure, an increase in their energy level, and more normal thyroid levels. They also report feeling more self-confident and attractive.

One Affordable & Inclusive Price

We have intentionally kept our price for the ORBERA® procedure affordable and all-inclusive. Our practice has an in-house endoscopic office suite in which the procedure is performed and post-operative intravenous fluids can be administered. As a result, our patients avoid hospital and surgical center fees which keep the price of ORBERA® in this practice affordable.

The consulting services of the practice nutritionist are also included in the price. While the actual balloon is an effective cosmetic procedure, the addition of the nutritionist and the support of the members of the practice contributes largely to our patients’ weight-loss success. The nutritionist is available to our patients by phone, video, or text message before the procedure, during the six months after the balloon’s insertion, and the six months after the balloon’s removal.

Individualize Your Successful
Weight-Loss Journey

At South Florida Center for Weight Loss Balloons, comprehensive, personalized, highly professional medical care is our passion.

Our team puts our patients first, treating them with respect and compassion, and holding their hand every step of the way, from the initial assessment until the balloon is removed six months later.

We follow up with each patient, before and after the procedure, particularly during the 48-hour period following the balloon insertion. You can count on us to go above and beyond the call of duty, to individualize our patient’s weight loss journey, change their eating behaviors and help them achieve optimum success.

“From check-in to check out great service! The staff is courteous, helpful and keep you informed and are all very capable and friendly! Highly recommended.”

— Hennika B.

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