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Below you will find the answers to the most common questions about ORBERA®.
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ORBERA® is an FDA-approved non-surgical procedure for obesity. During a 20–30-minute procedure, a gastric balloon is placed in your stomach to help you feel fuller sooner. When coupled with diet and exercise, ORBERA® can lead to substantial weight loss.

In order to qualify for this weight loss procedure, you must be an adult, 18 years and older, and have a body mass index (BMI) of 30-40. If you are pregnant or have had previous stomach or esophageal surgeries, you are not a candidate for this type of weight loss intervention.

It is FDA-approved so you know it is safe with minimal risk of complications. It is non-surgical so there is no scar and does not cause any anatomical alterations. And no long-term medications are necessary. Most importantly, if you embrace the suggested lifestyle changes, you can keep the weight off and improve your physical health.

Patients who follow the protocol after the procedure lose an average of 10 pounds a month for six months. Ongoing sessions with the nutritionist for an additional six months, included in the affordable fee, promote additional weight loss.

The primary benefit is weight loss. You can lose an average of 10 pounds a month for the first six months. In addition, our patients report that due to their weight loss, they have reduced back and joint pain, their diabetes, and blood pressure are better controlled, their thyroid levels are often normalized, and they have an increase in their energy level. 

The insertion of the balloon, which promotes portion control, combined with the diet and exercise recommendations of the nutritionist, offers our patients the opportunity to make sustainable lifestyle changes and lead a healthier life.

During the six months that the balloon is inserted, patients report feeling fuller sooner, which retrains them to eat properly and change their lifestyle. Even after the balloon is out, they can continue to lose weight because the nutritionist continues to meet with them.

No. At South Florida Center for Weight Loss Balloons, we perform all our procedures in our in-house endoscopic suite, inserting and removing the balloon under anesthesia. It’s so convenient and helps our patients avoid additional hospital or surgery center fees.

The procedure, which we perform in our in-house endoscopic surgical suite, takes less than 30 minutes. You will be sedated as we guide the balloon into your stomach. Once the sedation wears off, you can go home.

Six months after insertion, we take the balloon out in our in-house surgical suite. Once the balloon is removed, you will continue to receive nutritional guidance to help you maintain your lifestyle change and keep the weight off.

Our all-inclusive affordable price for ORBERA® is $7900. It includes the initial consultation, the procedure, the follow-up consultations with the nutritionist, the removal of the balloon, and more. We have our own in-house suite so there are no surgical center or hospital fees.

Yes! We have included the consulting services of the practice nutritionist as part of the price of the procedure. While the actual balloon is an effective cosmetic procedure, the addition of the nutritionist and the support of the members of the practice contributes largely to our patients’ weight-loss success. The nutritionist is available by phone, video, or text message before the procedure, during the six months after the balloon’s insertion, and the six months after the balloon’s removal.

Though ORBERA® is FDA-approved, it is a private pay procedure and is currently not covered by insurance companies.  We accept cash or credit card payment or you can apply to CareCredit for health and wellness financing.

Complications include the risks associated with any methods and medications used in this endoscopic procedure as well as your ability to tolerate the balloon placed in your stomach. For a full list, please visit https://www.orbera.com/ca/how-it-works

Many individuals have looked to Ozempic to provide a quick-fix solution to long-term weight loss. The drug has currently proved to be effective but only as long as you are taking it. Once you stop, the weight and food cravings return. Unlike Ozempic, the ORBERA procedure is not systemic and aims to promote healthy eating habits on a long-term basis. Though the cost may be higher upfront, the long-term gains are sustainable.

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